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Cleaning a Rain Gutter
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Gutter Cleaning Services in Greenwood County

Residential and commercial gutter cleaning

Greenwood, SC

Keeping your gutter system clean and free of debris can prolong the life of your gutters. It is easy for clutter such as leaves, pine needles and other pieces of outdoor debris to clog your gutters as well as your downspouts. This can lead to an overflow of water which can gather at your foundation that may cause a much greater and more expensive problem down the road. An annual or bi-annual (depending on the tree coverage surrounding your house/facility) gutter cleaning will ensure your gutter system is functioning properly.

Our full-service gutter cleaning includes:

Our premium gutter cleaning package is a full-service option. Here, you will get everything offered in the basic cleaning package along with some added perks. We will have our skilled experts do a full evaluation of your current gutter system. They will check to make sure the gutters are still secured tightly to the fascia. It is very common to have screws that have backed out of the brackets or nails or spikes missing so we inspect and add new screws anywhere that is loose or needs the added support. They will also check to see if all downspouts are still connected to the structure and directing water away from the premises. All corner mitres will be evaluated to look for any leaks or drips in the caulking. This option is the best to ensure your gutters will continue to work properly.


Our basic gutter cleaning includes:


Our basic gutter cleaning package includes brining out a high powered leaf blower that we use to clear out everything that is clogging the gutters. Then, we use the extendable hose on the leaf blower to blow down into the downspouts until clean air blows through the bottom so we know for sure that your whole system is clear and ready to go! We also blow off all of the leaves that have collected on your roof so they do not go into the gutters after we leave. Once the gutters, downspouts, and roof are clean we clean off all walkways, patios and driveways of any leaves or debris. Any excessive leaves or debris in the flower beds will also be addressed.

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